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Converts items in a numbered list to questions on a google form or quiz.
A quick and simple way to get your questions and answers from google docs to a google form.  This add-on uses the numbered list in a doc to generate the questions and answers in a form.  

To use, format your text using a numbered list with the questions having a number and the answers having a lower case letter.  Start Formenate and choose the options you want in the sidebar.  When you click on the Formenate button, the google form is generated.  A link to edit the form further and a link to preview the form will be added below the Fromenate button.


Change Log

1 Base version
2 Fixed error on creation of Name question
3 Added support for quiz creation
   Added ability to add passcode
   Can assign points to all questions
   Questions do not have to be required
4 Improved error messages
   Button is reactivated when error or success message is displayed


Version: 4
Updated: December 2, 2018
Language: English