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Creates a Form directly from the contents of your Sheet, even selects only a few questions. Great for creating Quiz from test bank!
Do you want to create a Form directly from questions in your Spreadsheet? FormCreator is your jam then!
Create a Form, even a Quiz with the correct points and feedback, directly from the values in your spreadsheet. FormCreator builds the template needed to create the Form. 
Populate the template with your questions, check the questions you would like to use in the Form, and then Create your Form!
Works great with FormRecycler,, that lets you easily reuse questions from a previously created Form.

Latest updates:
Version 41: Updated to include 'Other' option for Multiple Choice questions. Just type the word 'Other' exactly (without the apostrophes) in the multiple choice option column for that entry.

Version 40:
Big update! New Sheet Setup options and adding Sample question options from menu.
Now get 30 questions created for free per week.

Version 39:
Updated info at start to show Quiz Feedback and Grading info. Fixed regression bug that cropped back up that was sending FormRecycler invoice instead of FormCreator invoice to subscribers.

Version 38:
Added Feedback columns to give General Feedback and feedback for correct and incorrect questions.
Added functionality to insert embedded images in questions and Multiple Choice and Checkbox options using FormRecycler Chrome extension.

Version 37:
Fixed bug in image that showed wrong column for question choices. Correct column is column H, not J.

Version 36:
Fixed bug that was sending FormRecycler invoice instead of FormCreator invoice to subscribers.

Version 35:
Updated with more clear messaging about Stripe as payment processor.

Version 34:
Updated question formatting and added screens for explanation.

Version 33:
Bug fixing

Version 32: 
Included domain unlimited option
Version 31: 
Fixed bug that froze on icon for all new users :facepalm:

Version 30: 
Updated Youtube video demo

Version 29: 
Added the new template with checkboxes. 
Updated to include the ability to make a Quiz with point values.
Made it faster.
Updated to include the ability to Buy Unlimited premium plan.
New success screen at the end.
Fixed issues with creating Section Headers and Page Breaks


Version: 41
Updated: October 4, 2019
Language: English (United States)