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Form Publisher & Approvals Flow - PerformFlow

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2-in-1 addon: runs as form publisher (form to PDF & Docs) or creates Google Forms approvals workflow
Form Publisher & Approvals Flow - PerformFlow is a 2-in-1 add-on that lets you publish Forms to PDF / Google Docs & send to  others or create automated approval workflow like invoice request for FREE.


Featuring new "Combine All Modes": allowing you to generate PDF & send document AND create approval workflow at the same time!
- Act as form publisher which generate PDF right when a respondent submits a request.
- Recipients make form approvals decision & receive document in a single email.


If you wanna generate PDF only - PerformFlow acts as form publisher:
- Featuring document generator (Google Form to pdf generator) using Google Docs as template to convert Google Form to pdf.
- Automatically send emails to recipients with pdf / document attached


If you wanna automate approval workflow:
1. Create multi-level form approvals workflow with static & dynamic recipients.
2. Approve / reject with 1 click on form approvals email (sent automatically by the add-on as form publisher to email).
3. Reduce approval workflow setup time with 4 pre-made question templates to approve. Also, create your own request like invoice, payment, registration, reservation...
4. Track all form approvals requests like payment, reservation, registration, invoice in a single spreadsheet & workflow emails.
5. Add Form Respondent to receive result email when form approval workflow ends & right to edit answers.

Form approvals cases:
- HR: vacation / leave request (paid time off request - PTO), shift change request, member registration,...
- Operation - Adminstration: payment request, facility access request, purchase request, expense request, reservation...
- Sales: invoice approval, discount approval,...
- School requests: field trip request, tutor request, rubrics...


This bpm software asks permission for your Google Drive / Forms / Gmail to run form publisher & automated approval workflow only (Google reviewed thoroughly). Learn more:

For issue & feedback:


Install it FREE now to use form publisher tool as Form to pdf & document generator with: 100 files generated/month
Plus, save time with form approvals tool to approve invoice approval request, payment request, registration, reservation... with: 100 form approval workflow emails/month (approx. 25 requests)
Want more files limit for form publisher & emails for your form approvals workflow? Visit:


Version: 83
Updated: November 14, 2019
Language: English