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Form Maker

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Simple, powerful and easy to use tool to quickly create Google forms, surveys and quizzes from data in your spreadsheets.
Make Forms and Quizzes quickly and easily.

This add-on will allow you to create forms, including quizzes, using the data in a spreadsheet. It will make the process of creating forms very much quicker. 

It will cope with all the question types available in forms and allows you to add images and videos. 

You can also edit and update questions from the spreadsheet.

add validation rules, and add feedback for quiz questions.

setup a question bank and select subsets of those questions to appear in your form. 

import questions from an existing form to use in a new form and add existing questions to your question bank.  

add Navigation rules to control which page appears next depending on the user's answers to multiple choice and drop-down list questions.

create options lists of up to 1,000 items from the data in your spreadsheet.

Make the options lists dynamic, updating hourly or on form submit.

Preserve form branching rules when options lists are automatically updated.

You can also use it to retrieve location information about images uploaded through a form. It will give you Latitude, longitude and address data (if it was captured when the image was taken). It will also show include a thumbnail of the image in your spreadsheet.

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Basic features are Free to use with limits on numbers of forms per month and numbers of questions per form. 
Premium features with unlimited quota is available for professional users from $2.50 a month.


Version: 315
Updated: November 12, 2019
Language: English (UK)