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Flux (Beta)

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Flux connects sheets to 3D models generated by popular design tools like SketchUp, Revit, Dynamo, Grasshopper, AutoCAD and 3ds Max.
Save countless hours of importing, exporting and merging files. 

Connect ranges in your sheets with Flux to send or receive data. Once connected, Flux quickly syncs across applications, disciplines and organizations all via the cloud. Specifically, you’ll be able to easily:

   * Manage program requirements, and drive your parametric designs from a spreadsheet in real time
   * Receive schedules and material takeoffs from your BIM 
   * Assemble schedules from multiple data sources into a single spreadsheet
   * Submit changes to a schedule directly from your spreadsheet
   * Validate design output against building requirements, and optimize for building occupancy
   * Create charts and graphs from your building data and CAD models

After you’ve connected your sheets with Flux, download and install our other plugins at to begin collaborating with other design professionals. 


Version: 13
Updated: June 5, 2017
Language: English