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Fit sync

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This google sheets extension will allow you to sync your google fitness data with the current google sheets document.
With Fit Sync you will be able to sync your google fit data into a google spreadsheet.  Allow for a deeper understanding of your data.  

Currently Supported Topics
- estimated steps
- calories
- weight 
- activitys 
   -And a hundred other activitys
   -Full list at

How To

Select "Fit sync" in the extension tags and select "start".  This will pop up a side panel where you will then be able to select the topic you want to sync with the current google spreadsheet.

Then you must select a estimated date as to when you started using google fitness.

Then select the topics you want and hit submit and your done.

If you have a problem or a feature you want to request just email me at


Version: 4
Updated: November 6, 2017
Language: English (United States)