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Find Fuzzy Matches

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This helpful add-on scans your sheet for typos and lets you correct them in seconds.
This add-on is a great assistant for correcting all fuzzy matches and removing partial duplicates from your sheet.

Your table may have similar entries for company names, surnames, or cities; you can deal with all misprints in one go.
-	Use three simple settings to narrow your search results
-	Get all typos grouped by record
-	Pick or enter the correct values and apply changes

Besides comparing entire cells, you can look at every word within the cells separately. Set the number of different characters your values may have and exclude short words from the search. 
Once you get your results, export them to a new sheet or work with them right in the pane. Tick off the right value to change all similar records in the group; you can select any misspelling to see where it is in the sheet if you have any doubts. If all entries are inaccurate, you can type in the valid one.

This tool will help you quickly unify your data.

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Version: 15
Updated: January 25, 2019
Language: English