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Add-on | Import Stock Quotes & Financials

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GSheets add-on that provides you easy access to data like fair value, stock quotes, and historical financials and ratios.
This Google Spreadsheets Add-on enables easy access to your favorite data points from like public company stock quotes, historical financials, valuation and fundamental ratios, fair value targets and more.  

With a simple function "=FNBX(ticker, metric, period)" you can incorporate our data intro your spreadsheets. features you'll love:
- Automatic updates - market data is changing every day. Remove the need for manual data entry by pulling the latest data directly into your sheet with a simple formula.

- Pre-built templates - leverage our prebuilt financial models available at Get going quickly with templates for Watchlist Tracking, Company Tearsheets, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Weighted Average Cost of Capital, DuPont Analysis (Return on Equity), Dividend Discount Models and much more.

- Create your own models - build financial models and complete data analysis tasks faster to streamline your research. Pull in the latest financials, qualitative company information, and market data to focus on the information you care about the most.

- Build once, use forever - once you've built a template spreadsheet, you can easily use it for any company by simply changing the cell with the stock's ticker symbol. 

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Version: 10
Updated: June 3, 2019
Language: English (United States)