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Financial Forecast

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This Add-on builds a Financial Forecast for a business or personal use. It will simplify your financial management.
This Google Sheets Add-on builds a Financial Forecast for a business or for personal use. It will be an important support of the cash flow management by creating the structure you need to quickly antecipate problems and identify opportunities.

Its use is very simple: just install the Add-on and click 'Financial Forecast' -> 'Create Financial Forecast' from the main menu. 

A sidebar will be displayed where you may configure the Financial Forecast, by determining the starting date and the time span of one, two, three or six months.

You may choose to load demonstration data or create an empty forecast.

In seconds, you'll have the structure of your financial forecast where you'll be able to plan your daily cash flows by operating, non-operating, capital and financing items.

After creating a forecast, you may enable automatic email notifications.

Select the range of cells containing the cash flows you want to be notified of and click "Enable Email Notifications".

To disable existing notifications, select the corresponding range of cells and right-click "Clear notes".

A dashboard will also be created with:

A waterfall chart demonstrating the opening and closing balances with the cash flow variances,
A chart with the cash flow breakdown per type (cash flow from operations, cash flow before CAPEX, free cash flow and cash flow before dividends),
A chart with the cash flow breakdown per item (operating items, non-operating items, capital items and financing items),
A chart with the closing balance per day.
As with any other Google Sheet, you may see and change the formulas, add or delete rows and columns, add other sheets or charts, etc.

You will also be able to share your sheets with others (or keep them private for yourself), download them as Microsoft Excel, OpenDocument format, PDF, etc.


Version: 12
Updated: July 13, 2015
Language: English