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FinanceSheets Score-meter

offered by QuickFinance67 users


The FinanceSheets Score-meter is your virtual CFO. It’s been designed by our CFO’s to flag weak areas in your investment thesis.
The FinanceSheets Score-meter is a tool a CFO would use to massage your numbers and finalize your Financial Plan. The FinanceSheets Score-meter takes your metrics and points out red flags based on Keybanc Capital Markets SaaS survey and insights from our expert SaaS CFOs. You can use the Score-meter to hone in on your numbers and understand where you sit in relation to other top SaaS companies.

The FinanceSheets Score-meter comes with a free consultation with an expert SaaS CFO. You can get extra CFO consultation credits if you purchase the FinanceSheets App during your Score-meter consultation.


Version: 31
Updated: September 17, 2018
Language: English (United States)