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Facebook Profiles Search

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Facebook Profile search enables you to match Facebook profiles based on a list of prospects (Name and/or Company)
Facebook Profile Match enables you to easily prospect and search Facebook for matching facebook profiles based on a list of prospects - Name and/or Company. 
Finding the right twitter username profile of your prospects in bulk became easy as 1 click. 
This reduces the time and money spent working with manualy copy pasting or working with a Virtual assistance VA. 

Facebook Prospector is used for:
- Human resources & sourcing (HR) checking prospects social backgrounds and social graph.
- Risk managment - innvestigating signup leads and social backgrounds for fraud analysis.  
- Lead generation (Finding prospects emails / Facebook Id's FBID) 
- Sales prospecting & automation

The addon is will send you to a facebook Search result, reducing your manual time waste and helping you find and collect the facebook profile urls.  


Version: 3
Updated: November 20, 2018
Language: English