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ezShared Contacts

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Manage shared contacts of your Google Apps domain. Add, delete and modify all shared contacts of your domain.
Manage Shared contacts of your Google Apps domain right from Google Sheets. 
Install ezShared Contacts to add, modify, delete shared contacts on your domain. Add-on is for super admin of the domain.

**** In App payment with Trial period ****

You can try app before buying it. With a trial account you can do 20 modifications on the shared contacts of your domain.

# Installation
After validating authorization for add-on you will have to authorize ezShared contacts to access your Shared Contacts. click on the link and you will be redirected to the window for validating access to shared contact of your domain.

# How to use it
On the menu sidebar select Add or Modify to access elements.

1 - On Add screen first click on Setup to display column to add information about Shared contacts, then click on Add.
To be able to Add Shared contacts you will need a license.

2 - On modify Screen click on Retrieve to get all shared contacts of the domain. Then modify element and select the appropriate action in column Type then click on Update.

# License
Lincense is 15€ or 15$ per year and per account. Once license purchased there is no limitation in number of contacts creation.

# Access needed
Google contacts and Google Service : To modify contacts of the domain
Google Drive and Google docs : Because of sheets add-on.
You account information : Need your email for license.


Version: 26
Updated: November 29, 2017
Language: English (United States)