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ezNotifications for Docs

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Get notified and notify editors & readers of changes in a Google Document. As the file owner you can also track file renaming.
ezNotifications will let you be notified of changes in a Google Document. You will be able to activate notifications in any Google Document to receive an email with list of people who made changes.

*** NEW ***
2018/12/05 : Updated to work with team drive
Discover ezNotifications Dashboard to view all your files with notifications activated.

*** Paid Plan ***
ezNotifications for Docs is a freemium application. To activate advanced options you need to buy a license.
Personal notifications are free and will remain free all the time, paid plan is for activating options to notify editors and readers and rename alert.

- Receive an email when someone modify the document
- Select frequency between hourly and daily rate
- For daily rate select the hour of the day to be notified

#Paid options
- Notify editors
- Notify commentators and readers
- Get notified if file is renamed


Version: 40
Updated: March 22, 2019
Language: English (United States)