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Professional geocode addresses in bulk to get Latitudes and Longitudes and useful geographical information.
Batch geocode addresses with ezGeocode to get latitude, longitude and all geographical details of each addresses right in your spreadsheet.

=> ezGeocode moved to the new Google Maps business API and move to additional quota buying instead of license. 
You still have your 250 geocoding free using the basic maps api. To move to business maps API you have to buy quota.

#How it works
- Go to ezGeocode >> Open
- Click on Setup
- Add your addresses in column A 
- Click on Geocode.

That's all, sheet will be updated with the latitude and longitude.

#Details retrieved
Normalized address
Splitted address with street number, street, city, postal code, etc...
Precision of geocoding
REgion code

#Correct address with multiple results
If for some addresses there is multiple results, a specific message is displayed in "Status" column (col B). We developed a specific tool to allow you find the correct one in one click.
- Go to "Single geocode" with the menu at the top of the sidebar.
- Select the cell with the address
- Click on Geocode
- All results are displayed in a pop-up. 
- Select the good one.


Version: 18
Updated: September 2, 2019
Language: English (United States)