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ezFlow for Google Docs™

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Create workflow with ezFlow to easily get documents validation from your Colleagues and non Google users.
Create approval workflow with your colleagues who have a google accounts but also involve people with non google accounts ?
=> ezFlow is the only application which allow you to create workflows for Google and Non-Google people. 

☑ Create approval workflows in 2 clicks (video 1)
✉ Receive an email for each approve/reject
📊 Follow answers directly in the add-on
📆 View all workflow history in the sidebar
🔒 We don't store any files all remain safe in your Drive
⏳ Save version of your documents and stop making multiple copies (video 2)
‼ Restore any version of your document in one click, no need to search for the good one in revision history. 

How it works :
Let say you are writing a document with several people and want to share a first version for review. Just save a new version with ezFlow to keep track of this first release.
Then you want to validate version 2 of your document. Share document with appropriates persons and ask for approval. They will receive an email and will be able to access a preview of the file and to download the pdf or docx file if needed. 

Approval or rejection are saved and you receive an email each time a new answer is added.


Version: 9
Updated: February 22, 2019
Language: English (United States)