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Extensis Fonts

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Upgrade your font game. Quickly access and use thousands of fonts from the Google Fonts collection in your documents.
Extensis, the creators of Suitcase Fusion, brings you this free font panel for previewing and using Google Fonts in Google Docs. Extensis Fonts for Google Docs allows you to see and access the thousands of free fonts Google provides in a convenient panel located right next to your document. Sort them by style, what’s popular, and get inspired by fonts that are trending. 

It’s also easy to try out different fonts directly in your document. Find the font you want to preview then simply select your text and click the font from the panel to apply, instead of returning to the Google Font menu each time.

• One-click font application – select any text and one click applies the font
• Immediate access to the entire Google Font collection of more than 900 fonts
• Large, easy-to-inspect font previews
• Search for fonts by popularity and trending status
• Browse fonts by style


Version: 4
Updated: October 29, 2019
Language: English (United States)