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Merge spreadsheet data into calendar events, set logic conditions, form and time triggers, and sync updates.
Event-o-Matic will merge spreadsheet data into your Google Calendar. Use it to create events in bulk, or automatically generate events in your calendar from form submissions.

Great for…
 - Google Forms driven event approval flows
 - District academic and extracurricular calendars
 - Cyclical or block teaching schedules
 - Student and parent conferences

NEW (as of 11/21/16): Sync events between Sheet and Calendar
- Make edits directly in the Sheet or the Google Calendar Events and then run "Smart Sync" to reconcile all changes.
- Push all changes in the Sheet to the Calendar via "Sync up"
- Pull down all changes in the Calendar events to the Sheet via "Sync down"

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Version: 56
Updated: October 15, 2019
Language: English