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Embedding Google Docs into websites (like Blackboard & Moodle) adds an interactive element. This is a one-step code generator.
This one-stop code generator will let you choose the permission (comment, edit, or view) and some layout choices. Copy the HTML code that is generated, and paste it into any website.

The intent of this Add-on is to help content authors share their content without having to publish the Google Doc. The advantage of embedding a Google Doc is that it is interactive; that is, you can provide an opportunity for your visitors to alter the document or make suggestions. For example, if you are a teacher, you can embed a Google Doc in your website (or LMS) such that your students can add to the document (for instance, creating a poetry book where every student is responsible for adding a poem or two). 

But even more interesting is allowing students to make suggestions on content that you author. Not only can you get great feedback about different ways to introduce concepts, but you get an organic heat map of paint points in your document.

The default settings for width and height are the best suited - but feel free to tweak them! 

Note that this Add-on may change the permission of your document, so be careful with who has access to the link.

Have fun!

Added 1/26: Option to include a link to the Google Doc underneath the embedded content.
Added 1/27: Option to include .doc and .pdf downloads underneath the embedded content.
Added 1/30: Fixed the 'getID' bug


Version: 6
Updated: March 6, 2017
Language: English