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Email Verification

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Run Email Verification directly on Google Sheets
When you reach out to new leads, you want to be certain that emails will not bounce, so that you can start building relationships from the first touch. Install the add-on for bulk email verification directly on Google Sheets, where you have contacts collected.

Type "=VerifyEmail" in any cell and pick an email address you want to check. When using the pro version, type "=VerifyEmailPro" for additional information.


Email Verification Add-on prevents bounced emails and low-quality contacts because:

1. It provides a real-time validation lookup directly on Google Sheets. You receive fresh data upon request and don’t need to export/import contacts for the verification process.

2. It shows you non-existent, non-deliverable and non-valid addresses.

3. It has two verification levels: Starter and Pro. At Starter level you can get 2 data columns: a) a domain exists or not, b) an email address is deliverable or not. At Advanced level, there are 2 extra data columns.

4. It shows you if inboxes are full or in a catch-all message mode. That can help you understand how often people check their inbox and for what reason.


Version: 52
Updated: February 26, 2019
Language: English