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Email Spreadsheet

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Convert and email Google Spreadsheets as PDF, Excel or CSV to multiple people. Email sheets manually or on a recurring schedule.
The Email Spreadsheet add-on can convert and email Google Spreadsheets as PDF, Microsoft Excel XLSX or CSV files to one or more email recipients. It can send entire spreadsheet, individual sheets or even a selected range of cells inside a sheet.

You can send the converted sheets manually or set up a recurring schedule and the add-on will automatically email the sheets as per schedule. For instance, you can set up a schedule to email the sales spreadsheet reports to your sales managers on the first of every month.

The subject and body of the email subject can be customized to include dynamic values from the sheets. For instance, if you wish to include the value of Cell A5 of Sheet 1 in the subject, add {{Sheet 1!A5}} into the subject line.

The Spreadsheet add-on can convert individual sheets inside a Google Spreadsheet or it can convert all the sheets in the Spreadsheet to a file format of your choice. You can also choose to convert a range of cells should you not wish to email the entire sheet to the recipients.

The email subject and message body can be customized too. You can use HTML tags to format your email body. For instance, use the <img> tag to include your company's logo in the email. Or use the <a> tag to include hyperlinks (URLs).

If you are emailing the spreadsheet to multiple people, use commas (,) to separate the email addresses.


Version: 33
Updated: October 13, 2017
Language: English