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Email Parser & Analytics

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Collect emails to spreadsheet rows, parse values, send newsletter, visual charts for gmail and more! Automatically runs daily.
Example output:

Adds inbox and sent emails into spreadsheet rows and creates charts to help analyze data. Automatically runs daily. + Premium version can parse additional data from your emails.

How to start:
- Open Add-ons menu, choose Email Parser & Analytics
- Enable it and authorize if you still didn't
- In submenu Settings choose keywords to label your emails with (one per line)
- Start it with Run Parser submenu

Parser will add last weeks emails to spreadsheet. And will add previous day's email when the day is over.

How to use premium parser:
- Choose keywords to filter messages you want to parse data from
- Set up regular expression, it will be used when the parser runs next time
- Parser will add first occurency that matches regular expression

Examples of regular expressions:
- Letters + :// + Alphanumeric ._- + . + Letters   = URL parsed
- Letters + . + Numbers + - + Numbers  = XXX.111-11111 parsed
- Alphanumeric ._- + @ + Alphanumeric ._- + . + Letters = EMAIL parsed


Version: 95
Updated: July 3, 2019
Language: English