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Email Forwarder

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Auto-forward Gmail messages in bulk to another email address. The forwarder can also forward old existing emails threads in Gmail.
The email forwarder of Gmail has several limitations. It only allows you to forward messages to an email address that you have verified. You cannot create a filter inside Gmail that will auto-forward emails to addresses that are not owned by you.

In Gmail, you cannot forward old email threads. The other limitation is that Gmail doesn't support bulk forwarding. You cannot select multiple messages inside Gmail and forward them all to another address in a single step. You'll have to forward them manually, one by one.

The Email Forwarder add-on for Google sheets gets around all these limitation. Here you can create a forwarding rule, just like Gmail, except that you are not required pre-verify the forwarding address. You can forward to any valid email address. 

The Gmail add-on supports bulk email forwarding as well. You can apply a common Gmail label to all email messages that you wish to forward to another address and then create a rule, with the add-on, that will forward all these labeled message to any other email address.

And unlike Gmail that can only forward new and incoming email, the Gmail Forwarder add-on can auto-forward both past and future email messages. 

The premium edition of the Gmail Forwarder lets you create unlimited rules for auto-forwarding email messages and you have a higher mail sending limit.  

Email Forwarder (Free Edition) - 1 Forwarding Rule, 20 emails per day
Email Forwarder (Premium) for Gmail Accounts - Unlimited Rules, 100 emails per day
Email Forwarder (Premium) for Google Apps for Work - Unlimited Rules, 1500 emails (only available with paid Google Apps for Work accounts). 

Google will automatically reset your daily quota around 1 PM PST.

If you are experiencing any problem or issues, go to the Add-on -> Email Forwarder menu and choose Restart. If that doesn't solve the issue, please send the Debug Logs from the same menu.

For support, email or tweet @labnol


Version: 24
Updated: April 22, 2016
Language: English