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eBook Formatting Butler

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Mark up manuscript for creating eBooks (Mobi and EPUB) through the Nepo Press web-based formatting service.
This add-on automates the initial markup of an existing manuscript to prepare it for creating eBooks (both Mobi and EPUB) and printed books (camera-ready PDF) through the Nepo Press web-based formatting service (

This serves as the "bridge" between word processing styling and the explicit markup required by the Nepo Press software that actually creates the eBook and camera-ready PDF.  See for the details.

To get started, choose "eBook Formatting Butler > Start..." to open the Sidebar, then follow the instructions.

Step 1.

This only needs to be done once.  Click the blue button to apply the initial eBook typesetting markup.

After that, you may do steps 2 and 3 as often as you like.

Step 2.

Do any further editing of your manuscript.  This is where you would tweak the markup to correct errors or customize the layout of your book.  Full details on the markup are available in the user manuals at

Step 3.

Download your manuscript by clicking the grey "Download as .txt" button.  This plain text version of your manuscript is what you would upload to your Nepo Press book account to create an eBook (Mobi or EPUB) or a camera-ready PDF for publishing a printed book.

After the initial marking up of the manuscript, you make any further changes to your manuscript, re-download as plain text, re-upload, and re-format until you are ready to publish.

To set up an eBook account, see


Version: 6
Updated: November 2, 2015
Language: English