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Easy Topics

offered by Daniel Gao5,589 users


Easy Topics is an add-on that lets you bookmark common topics among documents and navigate from one to another with ease.
Easy Topics allows students to organize similar notes by topics in order to make reviewing easier and more efficient.

Our addon enables you to organize notes from many different documents into common topics, and view them all in one sidebar.

1. Create a topic by typing the topic’s name in at the top of the sidebar and clicking add. A bookmark will be automatically created to where your cursor is on the document.
2. Clicking the “Add Bookmark” button will bookmark either the current text selection or the text around the cursor. After bookmarking it, Easy Topics will automatically link that section of text to the topic that is selected and add it to the sidebar. 
3. To navigate to the note, click the links in the sidebar and it will take you directly to the where the text can be found.
4. To remove a link, click the (x) button located to the left of the link. If all the bookmarks under a topic are deleted, the whole topic will also be deleted.


Version: 30
Updated: July 21, 2017
Language: English