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Dynamic Fields

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Dynamically update values of Google Forms Questions from different sources like Google Sheets, Contacts, Calendar, Sites and more.
Create in Google Forms dynamic choice boxes. Populate and update values of Google Forms Questions of type Multiple-choice, Drop-down, Checkbox and Grid from different sources like Google Sheets, Contacts, Calendar, Sites and more.

Supported Languages: English and German

Use Cases:
 - Get all sales members as contact persons of a Google Group.
 - Update your Google forms dynamic questions with customer/supplier data from Google Sheets.
 - Make calendar events of the next month in Google Forms selectable.
 - Show your organizational units maintained in G Suite as responsible department.

 - populate and update values of choice boxes in Google Forms with dynamic drop- 
   down, multiple-choice and checkboxes.
 - populate form lists and update the lists on a daily,weekly or monthly basis 
 - Connect to different data source for each question, e.g Google Sheet, Sites list,  
   Google Calendar Events, G Suite User directory, Groups and Orgunits, cloud SQL
   database or via webservice to third pary systems like CRM, Workflow etc.
 - don't maintain changing values twice if they are already updated in your sheet,
   contact, group or thir party application.
 - reduce maintaining efforts through Google Forms automation.
 - Through Google Forms autofill from Spreadsheet gain more productivity by reusing your already in Google Docs maintained data.

Quick Start:
Choose Question - first go to menu item  "Add-ons --> Dynamic Fields --> Create Mapping" and select a question where you like to create a mapping to insert values dynamically. Please be aware that only questions of type Drop-down, Multiple Choice, Grid, List and Checkbox are displayed for selection. </p>

Create Mapping - after choosing a question you can create a mapping to get values dynamically. First Choose a data source, e.g. a Google Sheet. If you have selected a spreadsheet from your drive storage, you can select the relevant sheet and column of this sheet. To save mapping for the selected question just click the save button.

Update Mapping - Start processing to update values of "Update Mapping". If you are using Plus- or Business-Version you can activate a time based job over menu item "Settings" to update values several times a day automatically. 

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Version: 17
Updated: August 8, 2019
Language: English