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Drive Direct Links

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Generate direct download links for your Google drive files. It can also act as your drive file manager with a configuration setting.
1. Generate direct download links for selected files/folders on your Google drive
   or for all your files. Export links for different file types like DOCX, XLSX, PDF, CSV, ZIP, ePub for applicable files.
2. On open, auto refresh links with an option to disable.
3. Get info about with whom & how you've shared your files.
4. Links to open files & folders on Google Drive.
5. Can be used as Google Drive file manager.
6. Supports Shared drives (Formerly Team drives).

How to use:
After installing, select Add-ons → Direct Drive Links → Generate Links.

Drive Direct Links is absolutely free to use with some limitations in its functionality. However, you can buy premium to use it without any limitations. 

For example, free version of the addon can be used in only one tab of only one sheet, you can add not more than 5 custom folders for links, etc.

Select Add-ons → Direct Drive Links → Buy Premium to unlock premium features.

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Version: 63
Updated: November 13, 2019
Language: English