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Add-on Diagrams for Docs

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Overview is a free add-on to allow easy insertion of diagrams stored in your Google Drive. is a completely free diagramming Docs Add-on, no registration is required. focuses on providing enterprise grade: 

- Scalability 
- Reliability 
- Security 
- Availability 
- Privacy 

The key advantages of for a company basing their cloud storage strategy on Google Drive are: 

- All application data is stored only in Google Drive. 
- Diagram model is only transmitted directly between browser and Google Drive, server-side data is subject to Google security only. 
- only operates from the https domain, using industry standard SSL encryption. 
- Multiple Google accounts are supported, including any number of Google Apps for Business accounts. 
- is hosted on Google App Engine and statically serves a fully operational JavaScript application. The scalability and reliability of correlate with that of the serving infrastructure only. 
- Your existing backup of Google Drive files will include all files.


Version: 26
Updated: September 6, 2019
Language: English