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Stop leaving your document to watch a video. This add-on grabs any YouTube link and embeds it in a popup in your Google Doc.
DocuTube is a utility addon which finds YouTube links in the document and adds them to a popup window right in the doc when run.

NEW! You can now watch videos in a sidebar rather than a popup. This allows you to work on your document while the video is playing.


See the addon in action:

Google Docs do not allow you to embed videos. Rather than jumping in and out of your document each time you click a video link, DocuTube automatically creates an embedded YouTube video in a popup using the links already in the document.

It reads any type of YouTube link including links in images. 

**Note that Google Drawings are not supported at this point due to limitations in Google's code.**


Version: 5
Updated: July 9, 2017
Language: English (United States)