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Stop leaving your document to watch a video. This add-on grabs any YouTube link and embeds it in a popup in your Google Doc.
DocuTube is a utility Add-On for displaying YouTube videos linked in the document. When you launch the Add On, it checks the document for existing links and then displays those videos embedded in a sidebar or popup player. Videos are added to the screen in the order they appear in the document.

**NOTE** - This Add On is not for searching YouTube. Users need to manually add links to YouTube videos to the document.


v0.7.1 DocuTube is now limited to the current document only. Permissions details are now posted at

v0.7 Select videos from the documents or comments. Toggle between each using the source select links in the popup and sidebar window.

v0.6 You can now watch videos in a sidebar rather than a popup. This allows you to work on your document while the video is playing.


See the addon in action:

Google Docs do not allow you to embed videos. Rather than jumping in and out of your document each time you click a video link, DocuTube automatically creates an embedded YouTube video in a popup using the links already in the document.

It reads any type of YouTube link including links in images. 

**Note that Google Drawings are not supported at this point due to limitations in Google's code.**


Version: 10
Updated: April 10, 2019
Language: English (United States)