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DocumentMerge by PandaDoc

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DocumentMerge by PandaDoc is an add-on that produces multiple documents from a single template and data from Google Spreadsheet.
Process bulk mailings and documents fast and easy. DocumentMerge by PandaDoc lets you turn one Google Doc into a series of personalized docs ready to be sent.

You have all your data neatly in Google Spreadsheets, but you don't want to have to copy/paste it all into a series of documents to be sent. With DocumentMerge by PandaDoc, you can quickly and easily merge the data from your spreadsheets to flow into your Google Docs, allowing you to quickly process and create documents that would normally take hours to make. Then, DocumentMerge allows you to send those documents to recipients, automating the entire process, while giving you the option to customize along the way.

DocumentMerge by PandaDoc and PandaDoc business document processing app are both Google add-ons that help you create more efficient and paperless business processes, which save you both time and money. Both share in Google's commitment to synchronizing your workplace in the cloud.


Version: 18
Updated: March 23, 2015
Language: English