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Features table sorter, custom styles, table styles, index, multi-document TOC, variables, snippets, conditional text and more
Docs365 is loaded with features for the professional author. It brings structured (topic-based) authoring and true custom styles to Google Docs. It enables the use of single-sourcing techniques such as variables and conditional text. 

Feature set:

- create and manage custom styles
- manage and apply stylesheets
- sort tables
- move table rows and columns
- create tables from tab data
- create tables from spreadsheet data
- use formulas in table cells
- insert snippets from libraries
- quickly insert accent characters
- insert unicode symbols
- create and use custom color lists
- insert (and reuse) headers and footers from libraries
- share content with team members
- use variables and conditional formatting to achieve "single sourcing"
- combine sets of documents into new documents
- convert footnotes to endnotes
- organize sets of documents into projects, sharing stylesheets and more
- and more...


Version: 56
Updated: December 6, 2018
Language: English