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Export your Google document directly to WordPress
As a blog writer, you are most likely using Google Docs for most of your writing process. After hours of writing and reviewing, you finally have a completed blog post that you are ready to show the world. All that is left is to upload your document to WordPress. Unfortunately, this seemingly simple task often proves to be quite a hassle since you need to format the entire post in order to fit your blog’s style.   

This Google Docs add-on is designed make your publishing process as fast and efficient as possible. Simply select "Publish" from the add-on menu inside the Google Docs editor. Your new post is now on WordPress, styled to fit your WordPress theme. Your images have also been taken care of, each one labeled correctly and appearing exactly in the right place.

The app also allows you to change the size of large photos to fit your post, and create links to display these images in full size (for instance, in order to view screenshots in detail). 

Docs to WordPress frees you from the burden that usually comes with publishing your post, allowing you to devote your time to create the quality content that your readers are waiting for.


Version: 14
Updated: February 8, 2016
Language: English