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Doc Variables

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Simple tool to add variables in content, title, header, and footer. Great way to add easy replacements in docs and templates!
I created this add on because we have a lot of contracts and proposals that use placeholders for commonly used terms such as Client Name, Project Name, or Addresses. Instead of going through the document and trying to find each placeholder, I created Doc Variables to search for a specific syntax, create a form that could assign the variables, and then replace them all in the content, title, header, or footer. Syntax: ${variable_name} Open up the sidebar and a form will display with all available variables. Enter in assignments/replacements, and then click "Replace Variables". Doc Variables will replace all instances of the collected variables.

Latest Update: New feature!  Now you can import images from your drive into your documents using the format: ${Logo::image}

Previous Update: Added default values to text, textarea, and dropdown variable types.  Default values are signified by a "~".


${Variable Name::~Default Text}
${Textarea NAme::textarea::~Add this text as default content.}
${Select Variable::options::One,~Two,Three} (Two will be selected)
${Other Doc::file} (Imports a separate document)
${My Logo::image::width=200,height=200} (Adds an image from your drive with the width of 200 and height of 200)


Version: 24
Updated: May 8, 2019
Language: English