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Doc Variables

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Simple tool to add variables in content, title, header, and footer. Great way to add easy replacements in docs and templates!
In it's simplest form, Doc Variables allow you to quickly add a variable to any document in any style.  A sidebar interface generates a form which can be filled into replace the variable(s) with the values entered.  Great tool for creating templates that might be shared across a team to create consistent output (e.g. contracts, on-boarding information, or client reports).

Latest Feature: Create multiple documents with the same template using a Google Sheet as the source of values for your variables (similar to a mail merge).  This feature is available for trial and subscribers users only.

Note: Doc Variables remains free, but a subscription is required after 20 uses.  Non-subscribers will still be able to use all the basic features of Doc Variables with a delay prior to applying variables.

 Example Variable Syntaxes:

${Variable Name}
${Variable Name::~Default Value} ("Default Value" will be pre-filled)
${Textarea Name::textarea::~Add this text as default content.}
${Select Variable::options::One,~Two,Three} (Two will be selected)
${Other Doc::file} (Imports a separate document)
${My Logo::image::width=200,height=200} (Adds an image from your drive with the width of 200 and height of 200)


Version: 102
Updated: November 17, 2019
Language: English