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A set of single-click tools to change case, highlight text, sort tables and lists, change numbers to text, and more.
This add-on gives you thirteen straightforward tools that take on all minor adjustments in your document. One click will make your text look the way you need:
-	Make your text bigger or smaller until you find the right size with the “Increase font” and “Decrease font” tools. 
-	There is an icon to quickly capitalize each sentence, toggle case, change it to uppercase or lowercase, and to start each word with a capital letter.
-	Highlight important information and use the possibility to remove any particular color from the selection.
-	Arrange your table rows, list items, or even headings with all their text in alphabetical order. When working with tables you can sort by any combination of columns.  
-	One click in the sidebar will convert the selected words to digits, or spell numbers.

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Version: 6
Updated: August 8, 2016
Language: English