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Dividend Meter | Stock Data Import Tool

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The Dividend Meter Google Sheets Add-on allows users to import U.S. stock market dividend data with simple spreadsheet functions.
After subscribing to the Dividend Meter Data Feed*, users can enter simple spreadsheet functions, such as =DIVMETER(ticker symbol, "dividend_rate"), to import annual dividends and other stock market data fields directly into a Google Sheets spreadsheet. 

The following data fields can be imported with the Dividend Meter Google Sheets Add-on tool:

Company Name
Market Capitalization
52 Week High
52 Week Low
Dividend Rate
Dividend Yield
Dividend, Last Quarter
Dividend, Last Twelve Months
EPS, Most Recent Quarter
EPS, Last Twelve Months
Revenue, Last Twelve Months
Cash, Most Recent Quarter
Debt, Most Recent Quarter
Last Period End Date
Open Price
Close Price
Last Price
Day Change
Day Change Percent
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Ex Date
Dividend Record Date
Dividend Payment Date
Dividend Declared Date
Dividend Payout Ratio
PE ratio
Next Year PE ratio
Next Year EPS Estimate
Next Year Dividend Payout Ratio

With the Dividend Meter Import Tool and Data Feed, users can:

- Calculate dividend income for a portfolio of stocks
- Manage a portfolio of dividend stocks
- Create custom watch lists 
- Leverage Google Sheets conditional formatting features to create color-coded alerts

*A subscription to the Dividend Meter Data Feed is only $10.00 per month.


Version: 2
Updated: February 18, 2018
Language: English