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Dicers are a visual way of filtering rows on Sheets by selecting from lists of values that are present in selected columns.
The Dicers add-on provides a simple and visual way of applying filters to data in Google Sheets. They are similar in function and appearance to Table Slicers in Excel. Any column in a sheet can become a Dicer, just by adding it, and it will show the values in column. Selecting that value will filter the data in the sheet according to the values selected in each of the dicers.

Dicer features - standard edition
-Changes in data are automatically detected and dicers updated
-Dicer values can be automaticallu sorted
-Multiple filter values can be selected
-Dicers can be resized and rearranged
-Hover for tooltips/labels
-Behavior and appearance can be tailored
-Settings can be saved and applied at document or user level


Version: 3
Updated: December 15, 2016
Language: English (UK)