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Sync Forms data directly to Excel, without importing or exporting! Share data between Excel and Google Sheets.
Data Everywhere is a data sharing network for spreadsheet data. Open your spreadsheet, highlight the data you want to share, and publish your feed.

Our add-ons for Google Forms, Excel and Google Sheets allow users to access these feeds, regardless of where they were originally created. You control who can see or edit the feed, and the feed is only published once you've decided it is ready. Excel and Google Sheets users can work on the same data, without importing or exporting.

The Forms add-on makes it a snap to use Google Forms data in Excel. Each form submission automatically appends a row to a feed with the same name as your form. Once you install our Excel Add-In, the data stays up-to-date in Excel automatically.  Or, use our Google Sheets Add-on to access the data in any spreadsheet.

Our new Automatic Publish feature makes it easy to automatically connect your data from Google Sheets to Excel, especially for Google Forms users.

Learn more at or, or download our Excel add-in at    


Version: 22
Updated: March 31, 2015
Language: English (United States)