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Data Everywhere

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Share data between Excel, your local databases, Salesforce, and Google Sheets, without importing or exporting!
We publish Connectors that will bring your data in and out of Sheets from Excel, Salesforce, or your local MySQL, Sql Server, Access, Oracle, or PostgreSQL databases. We also have a Google Forms add-on that can send data directly to all of these destinations.

Data Everywhere is a cloud database for spreadsheet data. Open your spreadsheet, highlight the data you want to share, and Publish your Data Feed.

You can share the data with anyone, all you need is an email address. Just add the new users as viewers or editors of your feed. 

Our new Automatic Publish and Refresh feature makes it easy to automatically sync your data as well. You won't need to even have the Google Sheet open in order to get data transferred.

Learn more at, or download our Excel add-in at    


Version: 74
Updated: July 2, 2015
Language: English (United States)