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Cross Reference

offered by davidrowthorn400 users


Cross reference figures and tables.
This add-on allows the user to label figures and tables and refer to them within the text. Figures and tables are numbered automatically and references are updated to match. If the order of figures or tables is changed, then the references update to match. If a figure or table is removed, references to it are highlighted in red in the text. The text and italicisation of references and labels can be customised.

The user gives each figure or table a unique label by adding a standard hyperlink with the url #figur_NAME or #table_NAME. References are added in the text by adding a hyperlink with the url #fig_NAME or #tab_NAME. Names are chosen by the user. References are linked to labels by the chosen name. *This has changed from the previous version: figure labels were #figure_NAME but are now #figur_name. SEE IMAGES ABOVE.

This add-on is still new, so there may be some bugs. Anything done by the script can be undone with the standard undo command.


Version: 10
Updated: 26 June 2017
Language: English (UK)