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Cross Reference

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Cross reference equations, figures and tables.
This add-on allows the user to label equations, figures and tables and refer to them within the text. It now also allows users to create labels for any element. These elements are numbered automatically and references are updated to match. If their order changes, references update to match. If one is removed, references to it are highlighted in red in the text. The text and style of references and labels can be customised. 

Insert labels and references as hyperlinks. Instead of a URL, add a code recognised by Cross Reference, then an underscore, then your choice of name.

For example, to label a graph of people's heights you would add text underneath the graph, highlight that text, press Ctrl+K to add a link and enter #figur_heights as the URL. The name 'heights' is chosen to be meaningful, but any name is fine. The codes for labels are as follows: #equat, #figur, #table. They are followed by an underscore, then the name. References are the same, but their codes are #equ, #fig, #tab. So to refer to our graph of heights we would add some text in a paragraph (e.g. the word 'figure'), highlight it, add a link with the url #fig_heights.

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Version: 36
Updated: July 23, 2018
Language: English (UK)