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Cropolis Notifications

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Generate email responses for Cropolis orders with ease! Stay updated on who’s responding as well as what customers are ordering.
Cropolis Notifications allows Google Form creators to configure email notifications to responders as well as to themselves when a form is submitted.

In the Cropolis Notifications configuration menu, select whether to notify the form respondent, the form creator(s), or both whenever a form response is submitted. For the form owners, you can indicate the email addresses that notifications should be sent to whenever a singe response or any number of responses is submitted. Instead of sending an email every time a form is submitted, you can have a notification sent every after a configurable number of responses have been submitted. For the form responders, you have to choose a question in the form that indicates their email address, and the notification will be sent to their email after submission. It will contain a summary of their answers, best utilized as a receipt of sort for orders placed on the form. There is a setting to customize the email subject line as well as the signature found at the end of the email.  

Short-Answer Questions
Multiple Choice Grid Questions
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*The question indicated in the settings as the responders ‘Email Address’ is ignored when the form response is being parsed for the email notification.


Version: 1
Updated: October 5, 2016
Language: English (United States)