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Copy Down

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copyDown adds functionality to Form-fed Google Sheets -- the ability to have row 2 formulas auto-copied into form submission rows.
copyDown adds a simple but revolutionary functionality to Google-Form-fed Google Sheets -- the ability to have formulas and cell formats carry into new form submission rows.

With this ability, any Google form submission can auto-calculate subtotals, perform a vertical lookup against another sheet, include conditional formats or data-validation lists in new form rows, or calculate a count or countif tied to a cutoff threshold -- and these are just a few examples -- don't get us started!

Use in combination with the autoCrat or formMule Add-ons for Sheets to bring calculated values and formatted numbers and dates into your form-triggered document and email merges.

IMPORTANT:  Due to limitations of Apps Script, copyDown is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SPREADSHEET FILTERS on the form response sheet.

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Version: 62
Updated: July 8, 2019
Language: English