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Copy Comments

offered by Jason Chin21,481 users


Copy a Google Document with its comments. This is not supported by Google's "Make a Copy" feature.
Google Document's "Make a Copy" feature does not copy over comments. This simple app duplicates a Google Document as well as its comments. Copying over comments is especially useful for certain people's methods of editing essays and papers. Many times people like to keep records or a history of their progress on a certain work. By saving the current state of the paper along with the comments, more information is saved and thus, creates a better record or history.

Due to the limits of the Google API there is a loss of information in copying over comments. The content of the comment is copied over; however, the time created, the time modified, and a few other pieces of information are loss. Furthermore, the comment is created by the user's account; however, the original authors name will be mentioned in the content of the copied comment.

Furthermore the time of this add-on's processes scales linearly with the number of comments in the document. Each comment and reply to comment takes approximately 0.5 seconds each for Google's API to insert the comment onto the new document.

Caution: Do not edit the document while the add-on is in the process of copying the comments over. This may result in the loss of comments in the new copy.

Patch Notes:
-Although previously, I stated 'unlimited', I did not account for time. Execution time limit should not be extended to 1 hour.

-Unlimited number of comments may be copied over now
-Made copying process slightly faster
-Added the original author's name of the comment to the copied comment's content


Version: 11
Updated: February 28, 2017
Language: English (United States)