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Company Domain Match

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Find a Company website based on it's names.
Find a Company website (domain) based on it's Company name.
Given a list of company names, Domain search will find the most likely website (webpage url) for each Company name on the list.
(e.g  "Whole Foods" --> )

This will help you:
- Lead Generation - Enrich a list of company leads
- Prospecting
- Email Enrichment & Email Matching
- Market research 

Once the domain is found, you can easily move on to finding the emails using one of the email finding Google Spreadsheet addons such as : Find That lead , Hunter , Clearbit etc...

Used by and for:
Sales, Human Resources (HR), Email Outreach, Growth Hackers, Sourcing & Research.


Version: 26
Updated: July 14, 2019
Language: English