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User Lifecycle Management for Google Apps
Take Google Apps to the next level with CloudPages. Seamless onboarding / offboarding of users, single sign-on, password management, Google Apps contact sharing, directory search and multi-language support.

There are hundreds of reasons to install CloudPages, here is a short list of some of the key features.

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Google Apps User Management 
- Manage the whole user lifecycle, from creation to moves and deletions 
- Search across all users both internally and externally to the organisation 
- Manage other users profiles (including photo, location, job title, manager, & more) 
- Advanced Google Group, Google+ Circle, and Contact provisioning
- Bulk Import and Export via Spreadsheet

Smart Provisioning 
- Intelligent onboarding & offboarding
- Automatic provisioning from search results
- Create dynamic Google Groups
- Assign Google Docs and Files to Groups
- Create dynamic Google Contacts
- Automatically updated with new users
- Automatically reassign Google resources, such as Drive, Calendar and Groups when offboarding

Powerful Google Directory Search 
- Search for both internal and external users 
- Export search results to CSV 
- Move and delete users based on search criteria 
- Populate My Contacts & mobile devices
- Integrated Chrome Extension for Search
- Tag people with custom and predefined tags

Shared Contacts
- Share Google Contact Groups with specific users and groups
- Users can modify or add shared contacts
- Update My Contacts on mobile devices

Email Signature Management 
- Globally manage Google Apps users email signature 

External User Management 
- Create, and manage external users
- Populate My Contacts & Mobile Devices 

Directory Integration 
- Integrate with LDAP / Active Directory based directory service 
- Password and user synchronisation between Google Apps and LDAP / Active Directory directory service

Single Sign On 
- Provides SAML-based SSO for all of your Cloud applications 
- Customisable login 
- Force users to agree to terms and conditions/acceptable usage policy
- Custom landing page
- Access Control for all your Cloud applications

- Enforced strong passwords with CloudPages Password Policies
- Password reset and self service
- Password expiry
- IP-based login restrictions
- Time based login restrictions
- Time based auto-logout 
- 2-Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator 

- Full audit logs 
- Export to BigQuery for advanced reporting

Multiple Languages Supported
- English (US & UK)
- Français
- Deutsch
- Español
- Italiano
- Português
- Svenska
- Polski
- Magyar
- Български
- 中文 (简体)
- 中文 (繁體)
- 日本語
- 한국어

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Version: 0.9.411
Updated: May 31, 2016
Languages: Deutsch, English (UK), English (United States), Français, español, italiano, magyar, polski, português (Portugal), română, svenska, čeština, български, 中文 (简体), 中文 (繁體), 日本語, 한국어