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Class Folder Creator

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Creates an organized folder structure for each of your students shared between you and them.
This Google Sheets Add-On is designed to help teachers with managing their digital classroom. The way it works is by creating individual folders in Google Drive for each of your students, shared where you and they both have edit access. It then organizes the folders for you within a folder for each period as in the images.

Why use Class Folder Creator?

1. See student work in-progress without students “sharing”.
2. Never see a “Request Permission” screen again!
3. Organizes you and your students.
4. Easy to use!

The purpose of this app is to create an open working environment that lets you see your students’ work while it is still in-progress. Because you are the owner of each created folder and your students have edit rights to the folder, you both see anything in there without having to share individual documents. In addition, any work submitted to an outside Learning Management System will automatically be shared to you as well, preventing the “Request Permission” dialogue that often plagues teachers.


Version: 3
Updated: March 13, 2018
Language: English (United States)