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Class Bank & Raffle

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Class Bank imports external data (current version supports ClassDojo) for Banking, Spending, or Raffle drawings with student points
Class Bank is a an add-on that turns any empty Google Sheet into a Points Bank for your classroom! 

This script imports data from a third-party point-logging system (currently supports ClassDojo) and automatically creates extra logs for Points Spent and a final Balance.  

The Spend Points feature allows spending student points -- such as for auctions or as a class currency for prizes or a classroom store -- and will automatically keep a running record of spent points and how many points are remaining. 

A Raffle feature is also included, which allows you to conduct drawings for prizes (or groupings, or selecting students for other purposes) based on Total Points or Points Balance (remainder after deducting spent points.) The raffle drawing can pick multiple winners in a row, and you can select to run it as a standard raffle (one prize per entry) or to limit to one prize per student.  In this way, you can have a points-based rewards system that is raffle-based, currency-based, or a combination of both! 

Note: To get started, and each time you want to update the points so that they are synchronized with ClassDojo, you will ned to download the report file in csv format and place it into Google Drive as a Google Sheet.  Detailed instructions at


Version: 2
Updated: August 15, 2016
Language: English