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Chromebook Getter

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Allow Super Admin To Get & Set Chromebooks, speeding up how you manage Chromebooks.

Chromebook Getter allows you to get and set your Chromebook inventory in bulk using Google sheets. We understand the complexity of managing a Chromebook fleet at scale. Chromebook Getter stream lines this process and allows you to make the changes needed and run the reports to ensure you have a healthy Chromebook fleet.

Free Features (Free):
  Get all Chromebooks in your fleet.
  Get single organizational units Chromebooks
  Get single organizational units Chromebooks and children organizations
  Set Chromebook meta data information for the current sheet.

Core Features ($4.99 per month):
  Free features +
  Speed Uploads

Premium Features ($19.99 per month):
  Core features + 
  Get AUE date on all devices
  Generate AUE report
  Generate OS version report
  Filter get request
  Batch get request
  Create organizational units 
  Delete organizational units
  Faster Uploads back to G suite console.

All new users will be given a seven day free trial of premium access after using the get device menu for the first time. After seven days if payment information is not updated your account will revert back to the free plan level. At any time from the account menu you can manage your account status or update billing. 
This sheets add on is for GSuite domain super admin only and for Chromebooks that have a device licenses with Google


Version: 79
Updated: November 14, 2019
Language: English