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Count Chinese characters for selected text or entire documents.
If you Save as Sheet, then you may be able to:
  - Collaborate and study with friends, adding notes and comments
  - Mail merge the list to create index cards or labels with other apps
  - Use the GOOGLETRANSLATE( ) spreadsheet function to learn the meanings
  - Generate charts and graphs describing character usage
  - Export the Google Sheets data into other spreadsheet formats, such as Excel 

If you Save as CSV, then you may be able to:
  - Import the list into popular SRS programs, such as Anki SRS
  - Import the list into other spreadsheet programs, like Zoho Sheets

--Bug fixes.

--Fix for compatibility with new Google Apps Script API changes.
--UI Fix: Update button spacing
--Now Available for Google Play for Education in ALL Countries
--Save As Sheet gets speed upgrade.
--Export incredibly large conversions to Google Sheets quickly.
--Fixes diacritics counting bug
--Adds Update button to sidebar
--UI improvements
--First Chrome Web Store Release
--Faster text conversion
--Cleaner frequency list
--Bug fixes and improvements


Version: 16
Updated: December 18, 2018
Language: English