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"With ChartExpo™ for Google Sheets explore new ways to visualize your data and get a competitive edge on your competitors.
“ChartExpo™ for Google sheet” add on includes a large number of charts, including basic conventional charts like Bar, Line, Pie and customized charts like Dual Axis Radar chart, Day parting chart, Stacked Grid, Sankey, Treemap and many more. We can build any type of dashboard inside google sheet with all these provided charts of the ChartExpo library. This add-on build on the base of well know library “ChartExpo”.
It is very first Custom Add-on which provides us support to draw a chart as an image from the sidebar and then click on this chart image to see it as an interactive chart in the sidebar.

You can customize the chart’s look and feel by the provided set of properties. Rich documentation is provided. 

One month Trial given. After which you need to buy a license.

Following types of visualizations are provided by the add-on.
•	Sentiment Analysis charts
•	Comparative analysis charts
•	Specialized Survey charts
•	General Analysis charts
•	Google Ads Charts
•	Provides support for visualizing sheet data using more than 80 types of charts
•	Change properties to make chart according to custom requirements
•	Resize chart as image inside google sheet and interactive chart in side bar
•	Image generation, we can insert chart into sheet as image, which is clickable 
•	We can export chart sample data into sheet
•	We can create chart in side bar from spreadsheet data
•	Opening add-on in side bar by clicking on inserted image, user can view inserted image as interactive chart into sidebar
•	Each chart has components like ‘Chart header’, ‘Legend’, ‘Tile Component’ etc. which can be controlled using chart properties


Version: 3
Updated: August 8, 2019
Language: English