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Sequentially number your Image and Table's caption and create lists of them.
Updated in v8:
 - Fixed issue that made sidebar load empty.

Number your Images and Table's captions. Choose what is the prefix and if the caption is positioned above or below the image or table.

The add-on will use an existing paragraph, at the configured position as the caption, so don't forget to create one before numbering the image or table!

Create one list of all the numbered images in the document and one for all the numbered tables.

Unfortunately Google Docs does not support locating page numbers in Docs, but I'll keep looking for a way to workaround it ;)

Each file can have it's own set of Options (Image numbers prefix, Image title position, Table numbers prefix and Table title position), if you need to reuse a given set, just make it your default and it will be used in all your new files and can be imported into existing ones.


Version: 9
Updated: July 24, 2018
Language: English